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Bulgebeaters Promotion Tools


Increase your income by consistently using these promotional tools.  Each of the steps increases your marketing reach and will ensure maximum sales and profits.
The more places and ways that you promote Bulgebeaters, the more you will earn. Whether you sit down and implement all of these promotion modules all at once, or you implement an additional promotion module each week - the more people you can expose your message to - the more you will earn.

Quick Profit Page Links

Step #1 - Protect Your Affiliate Link
(not required but recommended)

Increase Your Affiliate Sales 
With url Redirects

Top earning affiliates use url redirects to hide their affiliate links.  Instead of using ClickBank's standard affiliate link such as which can cost you commissions and sales - top earning affiliates use url redirects so their links look like  or they use a redirect service and have a url that looks like Neither of these links look anything like an affiliate link and they do increase click thru's and sales.

You can setup url redirects by either using a redirect service such as or  or by using software like PowerLinkGenerator in conjunction with your own domain.  While the powerful features of PowerLinkGenerator is the optimum because you control the domain - Tinyurl and Metamark are very simple to integrate.  Just click on the form below and create your own Tinyurl. (A new window will popup with your new url) Or paste in your PowerLinkGenerator redirect url in the "Modify All Links" below.

Paste Your New Tinyurl or Your Redirect url Below 
To Modify All of Your 
Affiliate Links Listed Below

Click Below to Test Your New url
-Click Here-

Step #2 - Your Affiliate Link

Promoting With Links
Click Here for Online Link Sources

Step #3 - Text link

Place this code on your website to link to us with your affiliate link.
It will produce the link you see below.

Get Bulgebeaters Now... Click Here!

Step #4 - Use This Tell-A-Friend to Earn Money NOW!

Tell Your Friends and Associates about
They Will Thank You

Recommend Bulgebeaters
Your Name:
Your Email:
Recipient Email Addresses   at least one

Your Message   Optional

Please enter the code shown above.



Step #5 - Use These Signatures to Earn Money

Email and Forum Signatures are a 
Very Effective Marketing Tool

What are Email and Forum Signatures?

If you have ever seen an email from someone and at the bottom of the email it look like a P.S. for as advertisement. That is an automatically inserted email signatures. This is also done in forums as well.

If you Have Yahoo, MSN, your own domain, or even AOL add these signatures to the bottoms of all of your outgoing emails. Just go to your email preferences TAB and copy paste these signatures to your emails and increase your sales.

Use Your Signature Files in Forums

Information on Over 2000 Niche Forums
Click Here

2 Line Signature

3 Line Signature

4 Line Signature

5 Line Signature


Step #6 - Use These Emails to Earn Even More Money

Emails Have Proven 
Time and Time Again to Drive Sales

Looking for More Places to Email?
Click Below

Market Your Messages via Email

Email #1 Subject:
Email #1 Body:

Step #7 - Use These Un-blockable Pop Ups on Your Sites

Use Your Existing Traffic to 
Promote Bulgebeaters

Click Here for Example

Click for 
Video Tutorial

Un-blockable Fade In - Two Parts
Part 1
1-Copy this code in between the 
<head> </head> tags of your html

Un-blockable Fade In - Two Parts
Part 2
2-Copy this code immediately above the 
</body> tag in your html
Your Affiliate Link is Built right in!


Step #8 - Banners And Images

Eye-catching Banners and Images
Drive Customers to Your Affiliate Links

Banners and Images
Use this form codes to add these banners and images to your website. They will open in a new page to our site with your affiliate link already built in.

Banner 468 x 60

Click here to get Bulgebeaters

Copy / Paste this code on into the HTML of your
Website to display our this Banner / Site Image

It will produce the site form above below with all of your ID's built in.


Click here to get Bulgebeaters

Copy / Paste this code on into the HTML of your
Website to display our this Banner / Site Image

It will produce the site form above below with all of your ID's built in.

Step #9 - Add Video To Your Website

Earn Money With Video


Video Guide to Online Marketing

Add Powerful Video 
Place the following code on your website and a promotion video will either automatically redirect or setup a "click here button" with your ID's built in.

Click for 
Video Tutorial

Copy / Paste this code on into the HTML of your
to display our promotional video 1 - Click for Example

Step #10 - Blog Review

Earn Money With Blogs

Need to Setup a Blog?

Click Here For More Blog Information

Blog Post Title
Blog Review Content Body: (Raw text)

Step #11 - Web2.0 Bookmarks

Bookmark and Tag Your Affiliate URL
With Your Favorite Social Bookmarking Site

Discover the Importance of
Web2.0 and Tagging

Web2.0 and Tagging

Website Title
Your Affiliate url
Book Marking Tags WITH comma's

Book Marking Tags WITHOUT comma's

Click on all of the BookMarking Services You have an account with and enter the above information.  Your affiliate link and page name are already coded. Technorati digg Squidoo Yahoo Ask Jeeves Google
LiveStumbleupon Furl Buddymarks Fark Lycos IQ Windows Live Wink
looklater BlinkBits Blogmarks Blogmemes BlueDot Ning Open Tag 
ClaimID Complore BlogLinkage Linkroll FeedMeLinks Frassle
Kinja Linkatopica Linksnarf Lilisto Magnolia EarthLink Rojo
Reddit Scuttle Simpy Smarking zurpy PennTags
Unalog NowPublic BackFlip Blabb Blinklist Bloxor BMAccess
Care2News CiteULike CollectFavorites Connotea EggKeg dogear FatRedFish
Fungow Urlex Gabbr GetBoo GiveaLink Wists Gravee
i89 Igooi Jookster Linkagogo LinkArena Wobblog Lookmarks
MediaMatrix Memeflow MyLinkVault MyPip Newsvine Onlywire Pubsub
netvouz TailRank Spurl BookmarkTracker Butterfly Feedmarker Filangy
Hanzo HLOM Maple Markabboo RawSugar Riff Syncone
Taggly Searchles Shadows Sitejot Wobblog Tagtooga iTalkNews

Recommended resource is  OnlyWire allows you to bookmark to over twenty social bookmark sites with a single click.  If you already have an account, this link is already coded with the above tags and links.

Add to Onlywire



Step #12 - Viral Ebook

Provide your Prospects with an
Ebook Coded With Your
Affiliate Links

Just send your prospects to: ebook/apd.php?download=Major_Mistakes_Dieters_Make&aff={aff_code}

Step #13 - Ezines

Use this in all of your favorite Ezines
Here is a list of Ezines below

Ezine Directory

Click Here For More Ezine Information

Ezine Ad Title 1
Ezine Ad Content 1

Ezine Ad Title 2
Ezine Ad Content 2


Step #14 - Top Sponsor Ads

Top Sponsor Ads Receive
The Greatest Attention

Market With Top Sponsor Ads

Here is a Great Place to Place a Top Sponsor Ad

4 Line Top Sponsor Ad


Step #15 - Safelist Ads

Safe Emailing

What Is a Double Opt-in Email Safelist?

A double opt-in Safelist is a list of email addresses of people who join and agree to receive email messages from other members on the Safelist. You're able to send your message in return for accepting other members messages.

The email messages sent to a Safelist are NOT considered SPAM because the members on the Safelist agree to receive emails from the other members on the Safelist. Sending email messages to SafeLists is completely safe and legal. It is the easiest and safest way to advertise your products and services by email.

Who Will Receive Your Email Messages?

The kind of people that will be receiving your email messages are online business owners, business opportunity seekers and other online marketers.

Marketing With Safelists

Click Here For Safelist Directory


Safelist Email Subject:
Safelist Email Body:


Step #16 - Google Ads

Earn Money Using Google Adwords
and Other Pay Per Click Programs

Pay Per Click Information - Google - Yahoo - MSN

Click Here for PPC Information and Free Signup Bonuses

Using the ads we made for you below, it is easy generate referrals and make money.

We listed a sample list of keywords for you to try. although there are thousands of more keywords that you can use, this list should get you going started.

We have listed some names of top marketers. We have found that their names have high search volume. Bidding on them can do well for you.

  Keywords For Marketers

Be sure to add your affiliate link in your add.


Lose Weight Gain a Life
Membership Site For Those Serious
About Their Health

Weight Loss Members Site
Learn Nutrition and Exercise to
Be Healthy and Enjoy a Quality Life

Step #17 - InstantBuzz Ads

Instant Buzz Works is one of the best places to get free traffic. All you do is add the toolbar to your browser and you start getting traffic to your site..

Instant Buzz

Click Here to Become a Free Member of Instant Buzz

When you join, make sure to check out the Elite Option to get full color ads. They get clicked on 7x more often then non elite members ads. If you are already a member, you can select the pro option later to get full color ads. Also, when you join, there are several options to purchase traffic packages that will get you a flood of traffic to your affiliate link

Plain Text Ad #1

This is your affiliate link to use in the ad.
Plain Text Ad #2
This is your affiliate link to use in the ad.
Plain Text Ad #3
This is your affiliate link to use in the ad.

HTML Ad #1
Beat the bulge at Bulgebeaters! Be slimmer, fitter, healthier and enjoy life
This is your affiliate link to use in the ad.
HTML Ad #2
Bulgebeaters give you the hand you need to be slimmer, fitter and enjoy life
This is your affiliate link to use in the ad.
HTML Ad #3
With Bulgebeater’s videos you'll see what it really takes to be slim, fit!
This is your affiliate link to use in the ad.


Step #18 - Press Release

Utilize the Power of the Press

Press Releases

Click Here for Great Press Release Information

Change the press release text up a bit so it does not duplicate other members release.

Press Release 1 Title
Press Release  1 Content Body:

Step #19 - Audio Deliver a Voice Message

Audio Resources

Web2.0 and Tagging

Add this code to your website and it will automatically play a marketing message with a link with your ID.

Click for 
Video Tutorial

Copy / Paste this code on into the HTML of your
Website to play our promotional audio 1
- Click Here for Example

Step #20 - Articles

Article Writing and Distribution is
One of the Most Effective Methods
of Online Marketing

Article Writing and Distribution

Click Here for Great Places to Submit Articles

The more unique you make your titles and articles the greater will be your distribution.

Paste These Articles Everywhere You Can

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